Here we are to a new blog episode!!

Protagonist of this set is Elisabetta, whom I took as usually to an abandoned place, because I continue to love the contrast beauty/abandon!!

In this set I used as usual my three flashes, and there has been also the possibility to use one outside to simulate the sun shining (the weather was cloudy, so I would have waited days until a real sunshine would have happened..). The title of this episode is referred to this.. twice it happened that while I was moving the flash, this left the base (even if it was well closed) and the first time it fell upon the grass, while the second I catched it on fly!! I’ve learned that when I use the system flash/softbox it is better to keep the flash with one hand!!

After this funny episode (not so funny for me..) I leave you to the shots of Elisabetta, who has been a model for the first time!!


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