Hi guys,

as you know I am not a photoshop monster, but I tried to play with a photo of Chiara of the previously blog episode set, and in particular I tried to arrive to a little grunge style, similar to some Joey Lawrence shots (http://www.joeyl.com).

To do this I took the base shot

and to that I added some textures of ruined walls downloaded for free from internet (http://www.grungetextures.com on this site you can find a lot of them of good quality).

After having added the textures to the base shot on photoshop on new layers (after desaturation obviously), I simply selected for every texture the fusion method that I appreciated most (in particular I used hard light and darken in this case). At this point I set the opacity of every layer (I left the ones with the cracks on 90-100% and the one with the stripes about 40%).

I created, then, a layer mask in order not to have cracks on the face, that had to be left clean.

The final result is here under, I hope you like it!!



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