Surface tension.

This is the name of the magic phenomenon that sometimes in nature brings to the spectacular event in which the water drops seem hanging to spider webs, or are elegantly on flowers..

This morning outside my house I noticed the water drops everywhere on vegetation.. which best occasion to use again the macro lens? Then I go and take my reflex with my 100mm macro, tripod and remote controller.. and start shooting..

At first I shoot spiderwebs, which seem colliers with pearls.. it’s a problem to make photos of this subject, because they are so lightweight that just a little wind is able to make all your shots blurred.. anyway making a lot of photos, some of them is still and good 🙂

After this I start to shoot flowers covered by water drops.. in this case the photos are simpler because being more weighted it’s more difficult for them to move with the wind.. even if sometimes also for them the wind makes blurred photos!!

At the end I notice on a rose a grasshopper on a rose completely covered by water!! it’s very difficult to arrive to shoot it because it is about 2 meters high, and my tripod only arrives at about 1.70 meters.. but rapidly I take some bricks to get higher and do the shot which, personally, I feel splendid.. I hope you like it too.. it’s not simple to find similar subjects!!

I leave you to the shots 😉


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