Today I’ll show you my home studio!

Oh.. “studio” is a bit too much.. but results are nice so for me it’s ok!!

The background and the floor are made of long paper sheets, which lighted by flashes become pure white. The flashes for the background are positioned vertically in order to have more white in vertical than in horizontal. This is useful for full body pictures, while for portraits it is not foundamental.

In order to light the model there are several possibilities, from the shot through umbrella, to the reflective umbrella, to the softbox, respectively. Personally for full body pictures I prefer umbrellas, while for portraits the softbox, because the rectangular catchlight is nicier than umbrella round one in my opinion. Further, the softbox would not be good for full body pictures because it’s angle of action is limited.

In the last days two big reflectors added to my studio:

  • the first is an old diapo screen. The material is very reflective and further, it has a basement which allows me to keep it vertical
  • the second is a DIY reflector of 1mx1m. The material is a cheap one (2 € at meter) and it is sufficient to build some basement in wood to hold it and voilà!!

While the first reflector can be useful to light a little the side of the model, the second can be useful if it is held under the face for portraits, in order to light a little bit the shadows near the nose and under the eyes.

Finally, my studio is made in this way:

Another very important thing that can be noticed in my little studio is the presence of two speakers to which the ipod can play. Perhaps this thing is more important than many others!! To hear the right music helps a lot when shooting models because she’s more relaxed and enjoys dancing!!

Anyway the black background is always available. Infact the black background can scroll over the paper sheets and so it is possible to realize the shoots you saw in the previous episodes!

The next step should be to use a reflective white floor. Here some possibilities appear:

  • to use some white wood floor.. it should be necessary 2mx2m.. but it is very expensive because a plane 2mx1m is about 70€
  • to use the transparent plexiglass over the white paper sheets.. solution a little bit cheaper (not so much..), which has the problem that the plexiglass can be ruined very rapidly if someone goes on it
  • if you have other solutions tell me!! I have not already found the material that Zack Arias shows in his blog in Italy.. so if you know where to find it just send me an email!!

Said this, I leave you to some shots of Chiara (who you met in a previous episode of the blog togheter with another well known Chiara!!), with the relative backstage. Furthermore, for the happyness of women, I leave you also a shot of me (heavy postproduced.. I don’t have so many white hair!!) in the white background!!

See you next episode!!


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