Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine – Mattia, whose photos you can find at – tells ms “I’m going to the mountains to shoot the gorgo of the tigli”, that is placed in Rastello (Piedmont), “do you want to come with me?”. In your opinion what did I answer?

I took all my gears and the tripod and started to go!

Taken the road and made a short walk we arrive in this wonderful place, what ancient romans should have called locus amoenus, with the stream flowing and creating a little waterfall and in front of that a pool that from a photographic point of view is great.

Let’s start with the first photos.. 24-70 on the reflex, tripod and f/16 in order to obtain the classic silk effect on the water.. here are the first photos.

What to say in front of this wonder of nature? you can’t say nothing..

At this point I decide to change perspective and to put in the 10-22 and go nearer to the pool, where Mattia was already shooting..

As you can see in the above photo, for a very short time the sun goes through the woods and gives those poetic flicks of light that paint the rock on the left.. it’s a pity this has last only a minute, and then disappeared..

I have to invent something new.. and I know that this means only a thing “put at 10mm at the ground level”!!

I put the reflex on my Manfrotto 190 ProX-B tripod and I place the three legs open at maximum and the bar in horizontal (with this configuration it is possible to shoot photos with an elevation from the ground of only a few centimeters). At this point I place the bar at the external in order to shoot right over the water. The weight of the reflex on the enlonged bar is very high and I have to keep the tripod down, in order to avoid the swim of the camera. Using the remote shooting I have obtained what I think it is my best shot of yesterday:

The white lines you can find in the stream are left by the foam produced by the waterfall.. I like them very much because they are able to show the idea of the moving current!!

While Mattia is making still some shots of the stream I decide to make some macros, given that we are in the nature, and I find a very nice flower, and putting on the 100mm Macro I realize this shot:

At this point it starts raining and we decide to come back to the base, when along the way Mattia notices the sun in the woods that gives strong contrasts between light and shadow zones. Thenn, why not? tripod also here and some nice shots of the trees

We both try to catch the rain drops hitting the trees, but I am not able to do this, while Mattia trying with a longer focal lens wins, doing also a nice photo of a spider web, that I advise you to go and visit

It has been a very nice afternoon from a photographic point of view, and some shots can be considered also good.. it is true that in these situations a ND filter is great in order to elongate the shutter times.. meybe in the future… ^_^

bye bye!


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