Hi guys!

I’m just back from the seaside and how’s the weather? it’s raining obviously.. an invite to make some shots at home! I decide to realize a photo at the piano a little bit particular..

I had some little red and parfumed little candles (ok for the photo you don’t need they are parfumed, but anyway they have diffused a nice fragrance in my house ^__^ ) and I decided to put them on my piano.

The little candles give us a very nice and warm light (as all the candles, indeed), but as you know the light is also very weak, not able to lighten me playing. I decided, then, to take a flash and snoot it with a home-made snoot which has already been the protagonist of another blog episode.

When you snoot a flash there is the problem that even the minimum power of the flash is very very strong, because the light rays are very directional and so it is necessary to make attention very well to the place where you put it..

Anyway, in this case I set the flash with parabole at 105mm, minimum power (1/64), and then gelled it with 1/2 CTO (Color To Orange) to warm the white light of the flash and obtain a color nearer to the candles’ one.

At this point I positioned the camera on the tripod using f2.8 aperture, 1/15 shutter time and iso 400.. and here you are the shot!!

See you soon!!



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