This time no flashes and umbrellas.. only a visit to that wonderful city which is Florence!!

I expected it to be more complicated, instead it is simple to walk around and perfect for a man. Clearly it is focused on tourism, but it couldn’t be different given the great amount of historic buildings and of art creations. Santa Maria Novella, the Duomo, the campanile di Giotto (on which I went up), Palazzo Pitti, the Uffizi (which I visited), Ponte Vecchio.. Anyway the list is infinite.. I hope to have been able to catch some particular side of the city, even if a lot of shots are touristic ones..

P.S. If someone of you would like to visit it in the future, I recommend absolutely to bring the tripod like I did.. this city can give you great shots at sunset and by night!! It would have been nice to shoot also a sunshine, but I didn’t have the courage to wake up so early!

Thanks to my brother who allowed me to visit this fantastic place!!


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