Finally I take again my blog after 20 days of absence..

Today’s date is dedicated to a particular series of photos I made togheter with Paola, already protagonist of the 70’s set published on July the 31st.

The idea for these photos starts from a great song by Queen titled “The show must go on”

Starting from this idea I decide with Paola to realize a set in which the make up is flaking.. and in which she’ll have the very difficult aim to arrive almost to cry.. ask to any model or actor/actress.. they will say to you that to arrive to a sadness able to generate tears is ten thousand times difficult than to laugh..

Magic helper for this set is my cousin Chiara (you can find the link to her photos in the section Links!!), who, knowing that we would have made this set, has come to help us to create the tears to put on the visage and rapidly remove the hand then the drop is still on the visage.. Thank you Chiara!!

For what concerns the technique.. well I used almost everything.. setup with 2 or 3 flash.. with umbrellas, softbox and hard light.. and I changed a lot of schemes and the colors of the strobes, then sincerely I don’t want to put here all the setup used.. if you are interested just send me an email 😉

With this final note I leave you to the photos, which I hope you’ll enjoy..

A great thank to Paola who decided to be again my model, in a very challenging situation.


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