Here we are to another blog episode, two weeks after the last!

Model of this new set is Susanna, who also found the best location for the shots, finding a simply wonderful place (so wonderful and so full of dust! ^___^).

Just entered in a species of abandoned barn, I prepared all the stuff and started shooting.. but something was missing.. the music was missing!! So I took my phone and let it play the only full album I have on it, i.e. the Greatest Hits of Elton John. The photos go on and on, changing position in the structure (every single place was fantastic, rich of suggestion and completely abandoned) and changing lights configuration.

[technic part: ON] I often used the combination of shot thru umbrella + softbox.. YES, I bought a softbox! It is a 60cmx60cm one and gives a wonderful light.. not so soft as the umbrella, but more directional. Another positive factor of the softbox is that the catchlight (that white reflex in the eye of the model) is square, and I find it nicer than the round catchlight of the umbrella. [technic part: OFF]

In the end of the set at a certain point the song “The circle of life” starts and Susanna shouts “but this is the lion king song!!”.. and from here the title of the blog of today.. you can find the shot of that moment and the song here under ^__^

Said this, i leave you to the shots and to some backstage shots!



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