Hi guys! I’m come back, and with great novelties!

Chiara (http://www.flickr.com/photos/46122866@N07/ this is the link to her photos on Flickr) today has been my model for a set of photos very particular. We’ve found a species of abandoned mill, without glasses at windows and full of dust, a perfect place for photos!!

Despite of the dust, my model didn’t fear of wearing a black corsage and to dirt her hands ad feets (also the dress), but I have to say that the result obtained is fantastic.

With my canon 400d and 10-22 lens (yes, I follow Joe McNally advise, GO WIDE!!) I used the following strobist setup:

  • -one flash outside the window, with full CTO gel and parabole on 105mm, in order to have a light ray very directional and to simulate the sunshine through the window
  • -one flash inside with a shot thru umbrella, 1/2 CTO gel and parabole on 24mm, in order to lighten the shadows and give light to the figure

Here to you now the photos, I hope you like them.



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