Hi all!

Next Saturday I will go to Congo, where I will find my brother, his wife, and overall my nephew!! So before to leave I thought.. why not to goodbye Mondovì with some shots? And so I tested for the first time the Canon 5d Mark II.. yeah guys, I’ve passed to fullframe!!

Impressions about the 5dII? It’s a super camera.. it has a fantastic detail from its 21 MegaPixels, but overall at high ISO is so much better than the 400d (that anyway will remain as second body)

With my new camera I went to Briaglia to photograph the sunset.. all the photos have been realized with the 24-70 but for some I used the 100mm, which was anyway good, even if it is a macro lens.

It has been a long time since I last shoot a sunset.. the foundamental reason for this is that in this period the sunset is at about 17-00 – 17.30, when I am usually busy in giving lessons.. but today given that I was free I used this time to shoot!

Unfortunately the sky was without clouds.. the colors were great, but with clouds you have that plus.. they create contrasts in the sky which give drama to the scene, they give volume.. so they’re great for landscape photography.. but anyway I shooted also without them!

The absence of clouds made all the shots being similar even if I changed scene and exposure.. so I did some color modifications in Photoshop, as you can see in the photo over.. then I have different interpretations of the same subject..

What did I learn from this experience? that 100mm on fullframe are short.. and so first or after I will have to get a 200mm.. but this in the future ^___^

With this blog episode I say you hello, I wish you a Merry Christmas and see you in 2011!! I will start surely with a blog episode about Congo shots! So stay tuned!!


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