Hi guys!

I write this little blog only to update you about something new..

1) The two photos I uploaded on the La Stampa website have reached both 100 votes so they pass both to the second phase! I thank you all for the help in the first phase and for voting them!!

2) I still continue to add to the blog the precedent episodes.. slowly I will end publishing the first blog episode I wrote some years ago.. for now I arrived to the Livin’ 70’s done on July of the past year.. so if you want you can read the older episodes!

3) My website works well on the Google ranking.. in fact if you write “strobist” on google.it my website appears in the first 20 positions, and if you put “only in italian” it’s al the 6th place!! This is due to you who read and follow my blog when I write something 🙂

4) This weekend if the weather is good I’ll do a photo set with a new model which I can say for sure will be great, even if it will ask for some episodes.. so stay tuned!

I leave you with a timelapse made on the arctic by TSOPhotography, which I found to be poetic..

See you soon!

Thanks to all again!


The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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