Hello to everybody who is following my photographic blog!

Finally I came back from Congo.. a fantastic place, rich of contrasts, smells, emotions, people and nature..

I tried to catch some of these aspects with my photos. In this first episode of the blog I’ll show you especially landscapes, sunsets on the ocean, examples of rich nature and also some macros of little animals which you can find in the ocean.

Congo is under the equator belt, so in december and january there is summer.. you can imagine the hot temperatures! Anyway the weather reserved to me some surprises.. infact I was expecting sun from the morning to the evening, instead the sun is very rare.. the majority of time there are coulds. On 18 days I stayed there only for 2 or 3 there hasn’t been a single cloud.. in the other days the sun was present only for few hours a day, if there was! Anyway this, from a photographic point of view, is an advantage!! The sunsets on the ocean with nice clouds are more fascinating than sunsets without them!!

Nature reigns unopposed in many places. It is lush and rich as we are not used to see it in our countries.. and you only need to move a little bit outside the city (in my case Pointe Noire) and immediatly you are inside the green.. with grass 2 or 3 meters high, palms which are very high and baobabs with enormous diameters!!

In the next episodes I will talk you about the city, the transports and overall of the people who populate Congo!! Than, stay tuned!

P.S. I report to you that I activated a social page on Facebook which I update often with new photos, so I invite you all to follow me also there! It is sufficient to search Stefano Tealdi Photography and put “Like” on it 😉 Hereafter new shots!



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