Here we are to my third and last episode on the blog about Congo!

In this episode I’ll try to show you something about the everday life and the streets of Congo.

The asphalt roads are few and they present anyway lots of problems concerning holes.. which in the best of cases are little, but sometines are very big and you have to make great attention.. in the dirty streets then… When it rains these holes fill with water since pools form, and you don’t know if you’ll be able to pass through it! Anyway it is very funny for us who are used to nice streets to go in this type of streets!

The most commonly used method to go from one place to another is the taxi, which can be noticed for its white and light blue colors.. taxes can transport who and what you want, and in some cases they are very particular.. additive glasses on the bonnet, various antennas over (we’ve counted up to 15 on a single taxi!), spoilers, neons.. the funny thing of taxis is that they are washed by drivers after the rains in the pools which form in the streets!! Hereafter you can find a shot of these funny moments..

The other vehicles used by people of Congo to go somwhere are buses, which can be found with their light blue and yellow colors. And like taxes, they can enter everywhere, and they are able to survive to every difficulty on the road! Often there are a lot of people on them, pressed like you cannot think of.. hereafter you can find a photo of a taxi and a bus on an asphalt road without great holes, a rarity!!

Along the roads you can find vehicles carried up with everything, people included.. and other people who bring wagons carried like you cannot think, like the one I present to you, carried with mattresses!!

At last, I show you some shots which can present when you come out the cities.. road which pass inside great plantations of eucaliptus, and people completely coverd by mud because they tried to pass through “pools” with a quad!

With this episode the Congo saga of my blog ends, I hope you liked it.. and I hope you liked the photos!! You can find all the photos published in these episodes with a bigger dimension on my facebook page Stefano Tealdi Photography!!

We will meet again very soon with a new episode! And this time we come back to a model!


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