Hi guys!

Today I show you a set of photos of which I’m very proud, i.e. the photos of Nathalie while she dows some artistic gymn!! I’m very happy about the results I obtained! ^_^

But let’s start from the beginning.. La Stampa (an italian journal) has organized a photo contest called “Uno scatto per lo sport” (A shot for the sport) to which I already took part last year with the photo of Giorgia.. so why don’t partecipate also this year? So I decided to make this set with Nathalie, knowing that she could help me in this situation.. and so the past sunday me, her, and Paolo went towars a not well defined place to do this set.. yes, for the first time I did not know precisely where to do the photos.. but we found a field near the street parallel to the main road to Cuneo which was perfect!

I started with the idea “I don’t have to use the strobes”, but I tried a photo without them.. and the result was.. awful.. if I exposed for Nathalie the sky was completely white, while if I exposed for the sky Nathalie went black.. so I took the flashes, softbox and reflector in order to have a sky well exposed and also Nathalie well lightened!

We started for the first shots opposite to the sun, because there was a huge cloud which was covering it.. the light is ok on Nathalie, but something misses.. a backlight!! In the starting I put it in the grass behind Nathalie (as you can see in the photos 1 and 2 and in the backstage photo 4), but then I have an idea.. do you notice something strange in photo 5? If you make attention the sun is over a tripod hahahaha!! Yes I used a flash to simulate the sun shining!! I’m very proud of this idea and of this photo in general!

At this point we change side, now towards the sunset, because the huge cloud was gone, leaving space to nice dramatic clouds over the dying sun. As you can see in the backstage photo (n. 6) the setup is always the same apart from the backlight.. a big thanks to Paolo who helped me holding the reflector where I wanted.. over the softbox, under it, on the side 😀

At this point Nathalie shows some movements which I could not emulate in 20 years! From the one with the rotation around the head at few cm from the ground (photo n. 7) to other jumps and at the end the classic wheel.

Some time for a photo of Paolo is left (photo n. 12).. what a laugh when they say to me “Steo try you now!”… seeeeeeeeeee!! I remember to you one thing my cousine once told me.. “steo you are harder than a piece of wood!”.. I said all 😀

And now.. let’s come to the news! For the first time I propose to my readers a POLL!! In the part under the photos you can leave a comment and say to me which is your favourite shot in this set, the one which should partecipate to the La Stampa contest!! The photos are numbered so it’s easy, you have just to leave the number of your preferred one 😀 Please help me in the choice!! I love them everyone so it’s very difficult for me to decide!!

Finally as always the thanks.. first of all a great thank to Nathalie who did these fantastic evolutions over the grass with the cars passing by.. and with bare foots!! and thanks to Paolo who helped a lot in the realization of this set!

See you soon guys!


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