Here we are to the first episode of my new blog!!

As you can see it has completely be renewed, and now it will be possible also to comment the articles on the blog and then interact!

Further, now I will have the possibility to add articles also when I’m not at home and so propose also arguments of discussion which maybe came in my mind during the week and I completely forgot in the weekend 😀 Soon I will add the archive with all the precedent articles, because may be some were interesting.


Let us open the new blog with some particular shots! The model is Chiara again, who you met already in other episodes. The idea of this shot is born some months ago, but as always between the idea and the realization a lot of days pass through.. anyway the important is that the idea is realized, and so the past weekend we made this shot, on which I enjoyed using photoshop (in my limits obviously).

The photos are realized at the sunset.. at least the first ones! Then the sun definitely went down and so I had to recreate the warm light which should simulate the sunset.. and to do that I used two assistants, my cousine Chiara whom you already know, and Giulia, who went with the model. They have been used as VAL (voice activated lighttstand, as Joe McNally and David Hobby teach) 😀


For the first shots I used a mixture of natural light and artificial light, and obiously I had to gel the strobe with a CTO so that the light had the same color of the sun light.. To add a little of filling I put a mega-reflector (which I home-made.. I was near home so I could use it, otherway I never use it!) in front and under Chiara.. by the way to hold it better in position I used my cousine Chiara, who watches us in the backstage photo

In addition I added a CTO gelled flash behind the model directed towards the hair, in a way to give some rim light behind.. and the result (after a trip on Photoshop to change the dress color.. which I liked more green, I don’t know why) is reported hereafter


After this set I decided to use the sun light not as main, but as rimlight and to do some nice controluce.. to do that I needed a flash in front of Chiara, who else would have been a silhouette 😉 The result is very good for me.. it seems to me she’s dancing in the light.. I love it! 😀

After these photos in controluce the sun completely went out.. but I didn’t have the photo I wanted.. so I used a second flash and at this point I used both my VALs eheheh..  first I tried a particular tecnique.. both the strobes in front of the model, one bare from high towards he eyes (hold by Giulia) and one directed towards the reflector (hold by Chiara) and bouncing to give some fill on the visage. The result is a nice three-quarters with double catchlight and light which is both directional and soft. Here it is:


And finally the shot for which the session was born.. i.e. the fantasy shot.. as you already noticed from the precedent photos Chiara realized a fantastic make-up on her face and on her shoulder! The photo has been realized using as main light the flash bounced off by the reflector hold by chiara and this time the flash was not CTO gelled, but only 1/4 CTO, because I wanted a colder light on the face.. and behind her a bare flash (CTO belled) hold by Giulia, which was directed towards Chiara’s hair, as you can see in the backstage photo here under

The result is a nice photo, on which I had to work on Photoshop to add the fantasy things flying around the model and to reduce the clarity, because the photo was too much detailed to be fantasy.. it should have been more fantasy/drawing and so I decided to blur all except the eyes which I think are foundamental to be on focus.. and here you are the final shot.. we started only to make this photo, but also other were nice so the set should be considered good!

See you soon!



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