Hi guys!

In this episode comes back Paola, who you remember for the previous sets, the most famous of which is the one in the 70’s 🙂 This set has been thought in this way: let us assume that I am a photographer and a guitarist/singer asks me to do her a set, which photos I would make? This would be my style.. which could not be loved by all 🙂

I propose to you 3 photos (which you’ll find at the end of the article) and 2 backstages, in two of which you can see the strobist setup.. and I explain to you how it is difficult to use a lens like the 135mm f\2. This lens is so open that use it with the flash is very difficult. Let us take the first photo of the set, and the relative backstage. In the moment in which I was preparing the lights I already had in mind to do the shot at f\2, so I had to evaluate with attention the other two parameters, i.e. the shutter time and the ISO.

But let us analyze from the beginning.. first of all I started with a photo without flash. The camera was set in order to have exposition on 0 (nor underexposed, nor overexposed) on ISO 100, and it gave me shutter time 1/800. At f\2 a lot of light enters in the lens, with consequent very rapid shutter times, which are not very good for the strobist use. In fact, except the use of particular techniques like the high sync, strobes work only if we are with times longer than the sync time. For my 5d markII is 1/200. Therefore, if I want to use radio trigger I have to stay under this time. The simplest solution would have been to close about two stops, so to do the photo at f\4, in order to have the shutter time 1/200.

But I wanted the photo at f\2!!

Therefore first of all I thought that the background should have been underexposed by one stop (in fact it should be less important than the subject, and so it must be underexposed). With this, I passed to the group of parameters ISO 100, f\2, 1/400. Not al all sufficient.. a stop whould have been removed, and I didn’t want to underexpose 2 stops. And here I had to use the ISO extension of the 5d markII. In fact, as it is able to go very high with ISO, the 5d has the possibility to set a ISO L (which stands for Low) and it is equivalent to use 50 ISO. Doing this I had exposition -1 with the three values ISO 50, F\2, 1/200.. and voilà we have arrived to the so dreamed 1/200, and moreover at f\2 as I was thinking in the beginning. At this point it has been sufficient to evaluate the flash power in the softbox for lighting Paola (1/8 power, 24mm), put on it a 1/2 CTO gel, and we get it! You can find the result in photo 1, what do you think about it?

The other two photos are technically less difficult, but I hope you like it anyway.. haveing the hair in front of her is very like Rolling Stones first page (in my opinion!! hihi)

See you soon!!


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