Hi guys!

Hereafter you can find the second video of the Italian Guide for Strobist People.

The content

In this episode I describe what your flash absolutely needs and the how the parabole and the power works.

The improvements

After the advices of the first video I tried to improve: first of all I have again a light, so I do not have to use natural light, then I added a higher table in order not to bend anymore, I tell you the prices of things, and now the movie is on HD!!

Under the video you can find the photos which show how the parabole works (from 14mm to 105mm, power 1/8), and of the power (50mm, 1/128-1/1), anyway looking at the video you will understand what I mean.


I hope these videos could help you to grow photographically.. I put in them a lot of passion and it take me a long time to realize them, so I ask you all to share them the most possible with your friends!! If you have a blog or a site, post them! Or share them on facebook! So I don’t work for nothing!

Thanks to all the ones who told me how to improve after my first video, i.e. Cia, Saryn Peperyn and Elena. I wait for other comments!! Per aspera ad astra!

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