Here we are to my photographic blog, almost a month after the last episode! I’ve had a lot to do in these weekends so I had to momentanealy abandon the photographic activity..

But now we are to the today’s episode! Today we’ll recreate the sunset!!

When one starts to study photography on manuals there is often the reference to the so called “golden hour”. In this “golden hour”, i.e. before the sun shines at all, the light is wonderful because it is warm, amber and very directional. Anyway who tried to shoot during this “hour” perfectly knows that it lasts about 10, maximum 20 minutes.. furthermore this light comes always from the same direction, i.e. from west, and so if we are directed toward north or south it is impossibile to have this light enter in a room.

But we have the possibility to recreate it in any moment of the day using flash. In this case, then, it is sufficient 1 flash! It is sufficient to put it outside a windows, pointed towards the room, remembering to put on it a CTO gel (Color To Orange) and use the parabole of the light at the maximum (in my case 105mm, but if you have a nikon sb900 you can use 200mm, which gives you a sensational directionality to the light!).

At this point it is sufficient to shoot underexposing of one to two stops the ambient light and this is it!

You can find after two backstage shots and the final shot!

See you soon!!

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