Today I show you the Bela Monregaleisa of 2011, i.e. Susanna, who you already met in another episode of my blog!! The Bela Monregaleisa is the female most important character of the carnival of Mondovì, and this year she’s my friend, so the day of the presentation we thought to make some photos togheter 🙂

For what concerns the technical side I can only say a thing.. to fight against the sun is very difficult.. in order to have acceptable shutter times you have to close the diaphragm a lot.. and then the strobes must work at almost full power.. and forget about umbrellas, you always have to work with bare flash..

I tried the high sync but the sun was too powerful so the flashs could communicate only via radio..

Now I leave the technical side and let you see the shots! See you soon!


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