Hi guys!

The last episode with the photos of Giada has had a lot of success, and I’m obviously happy with this.

Today’s article wants to explore an aspect which stays behind every photographer’s set.. i.e. the choice of the photos to publish. Often we shoot about 200-300 shots per set, among which it is necessary to choose the best ones. While once I was used to publish 15-20 photos per set, in the last times I started to think that only one shot for situation has to be published.. i.e., considered a series of shots with the same light and with the same posing, only one of these will be saved, even if also the others are nice. This because I think that the person who is watching at my photos is not interested in viewing a lot of similar shots, but only one for every tipology.. but this one must be perfect!

Sometimes the choice is very simple, given that one has only a few shots and only in one the posing and the light are perfet.. but sometimes instead it’s very hard. This happened also with the photos of Giada, and in particular with the black and white shot, which most of you appreciated. In all the ones we did two resulted particularly nice. You can find them hereafter:

Sometimes ago probably I would have published them both, but for what I think now I had to make the choice. In the photo n. 1 the drapery of the skirt and the position of the feets are better (I didn’t know about the position of the feets, but Giada explained me that the heel of the left foot should have been visible.. in the n. 1 it is a little visible, but in the n. 2 it is absent). In the n. 2 instead the lower position of the shot and the fact that the head is inside the black part of the arc are better. About the position of the arms I love both, but perhaps in the n. 2 they are a little more dynamic, but it is very subjective.

So, why did I choose the n. 2? The choice has been very difficult, but at the end the lower point of view (I was on the ground to make the shot, while in the n. 1 I was only kneeling), the fact that Giada has the eyes towards the viewer and her head inside the arc, which is greater with respect to the photo n. 1, made me decide for the shot n. 2.

I would like what you photographers (and not!) think about this.. in your opinion I made the right decision? Would you have decided for n. 1? and why?

Furthermore, what do you think about the choice of the photos to publish? This fact happened also to you? If you want you can link with some examples to discuss about it togheter!

I wait for you comments!


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