Hi guys!

Here we are to a new episode on the blog!! Today I describe to you the realization of a photo in which I started with an idea and ended with another!! Often in photography the fate wants that with a misfire of a flash (i.e. when a flash does not fire because the batteries do not recharge with enough speed, or because the radio triggers do not transmit the signal) the resulting photo is more interesting that the one with the flash.

But let us start from the beginning.. First of all the photo is about a girl whose name is Elena, who has a divine voice. Elena is realizing a musical project with my piano teacher, Leo (who you can see in some backstage shots), and this project is about the realizazion of some photos linked to some songs she will sing. One of these songs, titled Amo (I’m sorry you can’t listen to it, but when the website with the song will be online I will publish it!!), was expected as a photo in which there were a lot of books. From here the idea to make a photo with her in a library, books on the floor and flying sheets.. and one sheet with written over it Gallennico (if you can know the lyrics it acquires sense hehe).

I decide the parameters of the camera in order to exclude completely the natural light coming from windows, ISO 200, F5.6, 1/160 (with these parameters and without flash the photo is completely black). Done this, I position the flashes and I decide for the classical light scheme: on the left the main light ina reflective umbrella, on the right a fill light in a shot thru umbrella, and a separation light with a flash behind Elena. On the flashes on the left and right I position a 1/2 CTO (color to orange) gel in order to give some warmth to the photo.

I make some test shots and see that the light is good, as the shot here udner shows

The lighting is ok, very nice and all is clear. The fate wants that during the shots a misfire of the main light happens (due to the batteries not perfectly charged which did not support a series of consecutive shots). The effect obtained with only the separation and the fill light is great!! The fill gives that splash of light useful to lighten the visage and the separation light by bouncing over the orange dress of Elenea assumes fantastic orange/red tones!

At this point the funny part of the photo session arrives!! This consists in throwing in the air sheets by Leo!!

We realize a lot of shots with flying sheets in order to have a lot of them for the postproduction.

Done this I take the principal photo and in postproduction I position over it the sheets of the various other shots. It is a simple cutting and re-position on the main photo, nothing difficult (if this was possible for me, that I’m not very good in postproduction, then everyone can do it!). And finally I position the word Gallennico in the first sheet.. and everything is done:

What do you think about it guys?

Stay tuned!


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