Hi guys,

today I’m here to show you a very particular shot.. protagonist of this photo is Carolina, a new model who has been able to interpret two characters for this shot 🙂

The idea

The idea for this photo came in my mind talking with Carolina, who is often dressed like a man.. so I thought, why do not realize a photo in which she and her alter ego male hold their hands? Technically this consists in realizing two shots and then blend them in photoshop.. blending two shots of the same person it is not difficult at all, the difficulty comes when the two parts are interacting, as in the photo I propose to you, where they hold their hands. When there’s the interaction it is all more difficult because the two parts have really to be in the right position or it will become impossible to blend them in photoshop.

Hereafter I show you the idea of how I thought the photo should have been realized.. a little sketch I did some days before the realization.. please note the great artistic capabilities of me when I draw

This sketch has not to be nice to see, but it shows all the key points to realize the photo, also the lights positioning. After a trip to the location I knew there would have been a window long and not high beside the subject, so I would have need a lateral light (main light) which would have given the main lighting on the subjects. Then, it would have been necessary a fill light to fill the shadows. Both lights should have been put in umbrellas, with the main prevaling on the fill obviously.. the window would have given a nice rim light on the shoulders of Carolina.

The reality

When I come to the location I found that there was plenty of invasive plants everywhere, so it was no more accessible.. but near the prefixed location I found a new one which is nice.. in fact I found a room with a lateral window, two doors on the ground and a lot of mess. The project then changed a little, with the window giving a lateral rim light and not behind.. but the same has remained invariated.

The lights

Hereafter you can find the situation in the room with natural light coming from the windows (backstage1)

As you can notice inside it is all underexposed, while the outside is brilliante, with a construction which comes out in the window (i.e. the old location, where I could not enter anymore).  At this point I added the first umbrella, i.e. the fill one. With this i had to lighten all uniformerly but not in a strong way, just one stop underexposed. Here it is te same photo with the fill flash (backstage2)

So I added the umbrella for the main light laterally, which brought to this lighting (backstage3)

In the backstage4 photo you can see the two lights, the main in the shot thru umbrella, and the fill in the reflective one

The photo

Once the lights have been positioned the most difficult part has come, i.e. the realization of the double exposure. It has been necessary to realize some shots and then using the screen of the reflex see if the arms where aligned perfectly.. for this shot I had to re-use the 400d in order to use the 10-22mm, because 24mm on fullframe were not enough.. and so the 400d have come back to life!

Once I did this, I had only to blend the two shots in photoshop and work on the image a little bit. In addition to the evident sepia turn and the textures, it has been necessary to make the hair of the feminine version of Carolina longer. Hereafter you can find the final result of this session.. and I would be very pleased if you tell me what you think about it 🙂 Thanks a lot Carolina 🙂

See you soon guys!


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