Hi everybody!!

Here you are the first episode of the blog on the new site stefanotealdi.com! I changed the domain name because the other was difficult to find for whom did not know me, so I thought it would have been better to create one which (with a lot of fantasy) is simply ny name and surname..

In this episode there is a news!! The backstage is a video!! (ok also some photos, but the greatest part is the video.. I’m sorry but it is in italian, because I speak in italian at home hehe)

This photo set has as protagonist, well.. me! The photo style should be like the italian singer Morgano, i.e. a little dark, a little dandy.. for the occasion I used an old jacket and corsage which were of my father!!

To realize this shot my cousine Chiara helped me a lot (you knew her in a lot of precedent episodes). She made my make-up and shooted me! For this reason I thank her very much for the help she gave me!

For what concerns lights, we used my little studio with black background.. a flash towards the background (parabole at 14mm) and a flash in a softbox to lighten me..

Hereafter you can find the video of the make-up (in italian), two backstages shots, and finally the shot which became my profile photo on facebook.

See you soon!!





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