Hi guys!

Today I show you 3 photos of a sunset I shot the past week from Briaglia. They have 3 completely different “flavors”, because they have been shot in 3 completely different moments.

In the number 1 the sun had just died and so the warm color behind the mountains was not to its maximum beauty. In the number 2, which shows Mondovì Piazza, 10 minutes had already passed from the number 1 (and when you talk about sunsets and sunrises, in 10 minutes all can change!), and this brought to a great change in the sky saturation with respect to number 1. In the photo number 3 (in which you can see the Monviso) there was just the ending light of the day.. in a minute it would have become night. And when the light is going to die definitely it is the best moment (for me). It becomes of thousands of different colors, rose, orange, red, yellow, magenta, blue.. it is the show of nature.. anyway it is not simple to catch it because you have very little time!

With this very short blog I want to leave you an advice: when you shot a photo of a sunset don’t go away when the sun has just gone down, because the most beautiful part has just to come! And if you have patience to wait till it becomes night probably you’ll be rewarded with very nice photos!

See you soon!


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