Hi guys!

yesterday evening I had some free time so I went shooting the sunset in Briaglia.. and if you make attention to the photos, one of the places is the one where me and Paola did the 70’s set. What to say.. I love that lawn 😀

All the photos have been made on a tripod with the 5dmarkII+24-70 and the 400d+10-22.. the sunset was not so beautiful, but some nice shot has come out.. the sunshould have gone down at 20.30.. but at 20 I disassembled all to come back home because there was nothing more to photograph.. in fact the sun was hidden behind a great heavy cloud which should have not been moved.. in fact coming back home it was all dark.. but.. OBVIOUSLY, in the moment I curved to enter at home what happens? one of the most spectacular sunsets ever seen comes out.. with red rays which came out of the cloud which had moved a little.. you can’t imagine how I was angry.. I made two or three shots, but the part under the sunset was not the most poetic thing in the world.. only trees and a crane.. I show you the photo, but just to make you understand what a wonderful sunset it was, because the photo is nothing special 🙂

See you on the next episode!


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