Hi guys!

Sunday, September 9th in Turin there was the Picta Fest, an event that is dedicated to Japanese comics and culture. As always, these events will have some people who play the role of cosplayers, i.e. people dress up as the heroes of their comics and movies! At the suggestion of a friend of mine (thanks Annalisa!), I decided to participate in this event and of course I brought the camera! But because if we do things we do well, I also brought a flash (canon 580EXII), a softbox 60×60, and a human tripod called Stefania (my girlfriend, who kindly provided to keep the softbox while I did pictures of cosplayers).

I decided to use the 135mm f\2, because as always it gives an aura of magic to all the photos it does. The problem with having a f\2 aperture is that it lets enter far too much light! And as you know, this involves very fast shutter speeds that are a bit in contrast to the use of the flash. In fact, for those who still do not know, when you use a flash (unless you use special tricks such as high sync) you are forced to always have slower times of the so-called sync time, which for my camera is equal to 1/200. To overcome this obstacle, this time I decided to use an ND filter (neutral density) that was given to me (thanks Matt and Luisa). In particular, the filter is a ND8, i.e. capable of removing 3 stop of brightness. If you have never seen an ND filter, imagine putting sunglasses on your SLR lens 😀 ND filters are of various types and you can see how many stop they remove by using the number after the letters ND. In particular, a ND2 passes half the light, and then takes off a stop; an ND4 filter lets through a quarter of the light, then removes 2 stop; 3 stop a ND8, ND16 a 4-stop, and so on. Therefore mounting a ND8 allows to have the shutter speed of 1/200 even though in reality the SLR propose a time equal to 1/1600.

The photos were almost all made in the same way, i.e. with the camera to ISO100, f\2-f\2.8, 1/200 (in a few clicks to compensate for the lower brightness I had to raise a bit the ISO). Regarding the flash, I set the parable to 24mm in such a manner that would cover the entire softbox and variable power depending on the situation (generally between 1/16 and 1/4).

I leave the shoot, I hope you appreciate!

See you soon!


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