Hi guys!

Here we are to the 11th episode of the Italian Guide for Strobist People!! Today we talk about curtains, which you can imagine are not the ones in the kitchen 😀

I explain to you what the sync time is, what happens when we use shutter times shorter than that and how to bypass the problem, i.e. with the High Sync technique (for this I link to you this post done in spring) and an interesting technique learned from David Ziser! Further, I explain to you what means using the flash on the second courtain technique.

Hereafter you can find the gallery with the photos done with the various shutter times, which show you how the curtain is more and more important. Let me notice that even if the sync speed is given for 1/200 in reality with this time we have a little curtain in the bottom, while this disappears for 1/160. Probably this is also due to the fact which I use simple triggers which are the Cactus V4. Maybe with a PocketWizard this does not happen, or maybe yes.. anyone can tell me if this happens also with the PW at 1/200?

I leave you to the movie and obviously I wait for comments!!


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