Hi guys!

Here we are to another episode of the italian guide for strobist people!! Today I explain to you how to use ISO, f/stops and shutter times for studio photography.

The most important steps are:

1) put the camera in M mode

2) set the ISO to 100/200 in order to have the maximum quality possible

3) set a fast shutter speed (of the order of 1/100-1/200), I usually use 1/160 in order not to have problems with the curtains and have a sufficiently fast time to make photos with the tele lenses

4) set the F/stop in order to have the depth of field we want

5) if there’s some strobes ON, set it to OFF!

6) shoot a photo. At this time the photo should become completely black, i.e. if there’s some ambient light like the light of the sun from the windows or of the bulbs, this light has not to modify the final shot. All our light must come from the strobes (unless you want to experiment different light sources..)

7) if the photo is not completely black lower the ISO or increase the F/stop, or simply limit the ambient lights putting on them something!

8) at this point set to ON the strobes, make a test shot, and then set the flash power in order to have the right light on your model

9) have fun with it!

10) publish a comment on the blog or on my facebook page with your studio shot made with this ten rules! ^_^

See you next!


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