Hi guys!

This week the Wacom Intuos 4 s tablet arrived to me!!  It’s a fantastic Christmas gift of my brother and his wife, and I decided to use it immediatly with a very particular shot I made some days ago! This photo has for protagonist Giada, who you already know because of my ballerina project.

Before starting with the explanation I want to thank Carolina, who helped me with the make-up and holding a reflector, and Mattia, who has been very kind for giving me the photos of the stars that were used for the background of the photo. Here it is a nice backstage photo of Giada and Carolina 🙂

So.. let’s start from the idea: I wanted to realize a photo in which Giada form a circle with some lights which simulate the stars. I positioned the candles without firing them and I started to position the strobes to lighten Giada. I needed a flash to light the face and one or two to define her form. For this photo I thought hard lights would have worked well because the ambient is on dark tones, so black defined shadows would have been nice. Furthermore with an hard light (i.e. a flash without softbox or umbrellas) it is possible to direction the light more, remembering to put the parabole on 105mm (200mm for nikon guys). I then positioned one flash which lightened the face, one to light the legs and if I could I would have put a third to define better the feets.. But obviously in the moment you need a third flash, this falls on the ground and blocks.. so I had to use only 2 flashes (just a note.. the third is now again working). Furthermore, having the help of Carolina I could use a reflector to increase slightly the exposition on the hand on the ground.

At this point I fired the lights on the ground and made Giada assume the pose (position which only a ballerina could make.. it would have been funny to see me in that position, given my great flexibility 😀 ). Here you are the result at this point:

From this point it enters the Wacom tablet. First of all to cut all, Giada and lights 😀 With the mouse it would have been possible, but with the tablet it’s extremely simlper, and more precise! After having positioned the images of skies of Mattia on the background I gave an atmosphere with some color regulation, and finally I draw the tao (again thanks to the tablet) in the center.

The final result is for me a nice photo.. what do you think about it?

I wait for your comments!


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