Hello guys!

Here we are to the second¬†blog¬†post¬†featuring¬†Jessica!¬†The¬†first¬†was very successful,¬†so I expect¬†the same for¬†this and¬†the next!¬†ūüôā

The second photo I wanted to do with Jessica was the classic underwear magazine advertisement photo. The tone should be clear, but not as much as high key. For this picture I used again three flashes,  which were used for the main light (with umbrella), fill (softbox), and background, respectively.

Here it is the lighting diagram:

The model¬†is lightened using¬†the classic¬†butterfly¬†diagram¬†(or¬†clamshell,¬†call it what¬†you want¬†..¬†Some¬†have told me¬†that the¬†butterfly¬†is not¬†expected¬†to¬†use the light¬†below,¬†but I’ve always seen¬†it¬†done¬†and¬†I call it this way..).¬†The main light¬†is given by¬†a flash¬†580EXII¬†in a reflective¬†umbrella¬†of large¬†dimensions¬†in front of the¬†model’s face,¬†the fill¬†is given by¬†a430EXII¬†in a¬†softbox¬†from below. Regarding the power involved,¬†I do not remember¬†perfectly, but¬†it seems to me to remember¬†1/8¬†for the¬†main and¬†1/16¬†for the¬†fill.¬†Therefore, the¬†fill is¬†one¬†and a half stop¬†below the¬†main light¬†(from the powers¬†it would seem¬†a¬†stop,¬†but since the430EXII¬†is about¬†two thirds¬†of¬†stops¬†less powerful than the¬†580EXII,¬†the fill¬†will be a stop and¬†a half,¬†roughly, less¬†powerful).¬†For¬†the background¬†I used a¬†430EXII¬†without¬†modifiers,¬†with the parabole set to 14mm and power, if I remember right, 1/4.¬†With¬†this power, and having¬†the model¬†far enough¬†from the background (2 or¬†3¬†meters),¬†I could get¬†a¬†uniform gray¬†background.With regard to the¬†camera¬†I set¬†M mode, ISO¬†200,¬†F7.1, 1/160.

In postproduction I have exalted a little the colors and I colored the background with a light blue. So here the final shot!

And¬†with this photo¬†the second¬†episode related¬†to Jessica¬†is over.¬†I am waiting¬†for you for the third one,¬†where¬†strobist people will be¬†really impressed!¬†For the third¬†episode, I¬†used¬†a technique very interesting! I can’t wait to¬†show it!¬†So stay¬†tuned!¬†ūüėČ

See you later guys!


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