Hello guys!

Here we are at the last episode of the photos with Jessica. The two previous pictures have been very successful so I hope this will be too!

This third and final picture wants to simulate a sunset at the window, but to make it I did not use the usual radio trigger, but the infrared system, and for this reason I am very fond of this picture, because from a technical point it is interesting (well it also looks good as photos hihi). Why did I use the Canon infrared system and did not trigger the radio? Because having the main flash out of the studio for every adjustment of power I would have had to go out, change the power, back in, try again, then back off etc. .. If we add to this the fact that maybe I wanted to change aperture, I had to go out a lot of times .. And this is not the most comfortable thing .. Whereas with the system the power adjustment is done directly on camera, and then staying in the studio!

The setup consists of two flash, a master (Canon 580EXII) which has the only the function to trigger the external flash (Canon 430EXII). So actually this picture, despite using two flashes, is a picture with a single light. But we see the lighting diagram!

First, sorry for the bad quality of the diagram, but I am not very good at drawing 😀 The 580EXII is connected to the camera with a E-TTL coiled cable and is anchored on a tripod and points outward to the 430EXII, which is instead outside. The 580EXII is the master and the 430EXII the slave. The 580EXII is set so not to contribute to the photo, but only do the master, also in E-TTL (i.e. the power of the external flash is decided by the camera!). I positioned a CTO gel on the flash outside to warm the light, like that of sunset. At this point I mounted on the camera the 50mm f\1.8 and set the following values​​: Av mode (yes, not in M! Sometimes you also have to have some fun with the automatic mode!), ISO 200, F2.8 . I take a test shot, a little hesitant about what might come out with the E-TTL .. and instead the light is nearly perfect, missing just a little power for my taste, therefore I corrected the FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) to +2/3, and it’s done! Perfect light .. Some shots to find the right pose and it’s done!

First picture 11:39 am, last photo 11:47 am. Got the perfect shot, without ever going outside, but controlling everything through the camera body. Magic of E-TTL.

I would also like to thank Jessica for having paid for these three pictures! Thank you Je!

See you next time!


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