Hi guys!!

Today I’m going to present a composite of three images. The subject is always my trusty dancer Giada, whom you all already know. This time I brought her in a lawn in Briaglia, and who knows the place also knows that from there you can see the hill of Piazza in Mondovi. Therefore, I had the idea of a photo of her with her finger touching the tower, in sunset and using strobist techniques!

Since the brightness of the area was very different, I was forced to make a composite of three images instead of just one shot. The scene is framed primarily in two areas: the upper part of the sky at sunset, and the lower part with a flowery meadow. First I took a picture without the dancer where the lawn was exposed properly, leading naturally to burn the sky.

For this picture I used the triplet ISO 100, f \ 4.5, 1/60. At this point, I thought I would have needed just one single photo where Giada was properly exposed through the use of flash and the sky was slightly underexposed. To do this, I used the values ISO 100, f \ 4.5, 1/200, and a flash in a softbox (in particular, it was the Canon 580EXII, parabole at 24mm, power 1/1). Then I realized some test shots, like this:

The moment I made 2 or 3 test shots I realized that it could not work, because the sun is located on the opposite side of the softbox. I have therefore moved the softbox on the opposite side (i.e. on the right), in such a way the light on Giada came from the same direction of the sun. This has obviously resulted in the presence of the softbox and my assistant (Chiara,  thanks Chiara!) in the photo, as shown in the following picture:

At this point it was necessary to merge three photos together in postproduction: I got the lawn from the first, the sky from the second (where you do not see the softbox and my assistant), and from the third, of course, the dancer. The end result is what I present to you:

I hope you like it guys!! See you soon!!


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