Hi guys!

In this post I won’t publish any photo, but for one time I only write 🙂

The 2011

The 2011 has been a year rich of satisfactions: I started my facebook page and now it counts more than 350 people, I started the italian guide for strobist people and now a lot of people appreciate it, both on the blog and on youtube.. and obviously I made a lot of photos, trying to always explain well all on my blog so that all the people could learn!


The leitmotiv of the 2012 will be the same as 2011, i.e. the sharing of knowledge with all the people. The knowledge that one learns should never be closed in a box as many people do.. the knowledge must be shared (phlearn is a must for this aspect) 🙂 This is my first and main purpose for the new year.

The second purpose is the one to create photos which come out of the schemes, photos able to involve people at a higher level, and which I never did before. You must try something new, something I’m not able to do, and not fear to fail. The improvement stays in in the attempts to overpass your limits.


Here in the comments I want proposals on the future contents of the blog! What you would like to see on stefanotealdi.com? Which contents do you prefer? Is there something you would like to deepen in the next months? Write in the comments below and if possible I will satisfy you!


THANKS to all for being with me this year! I hope you will continue also in the 2012 and hope that my website will become a nice community of people who wants to learn and spread the knowledge!


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