Hi guys!!

Here we are to a new photo of the ballerina project! In this episode I brought Giada into the studio and we did the photos for the first time with the smoke! (Yes I have the smoke machine now!). And big news, for the first time I made the video of the behind the scenes, but to stay on a photographic theme I called it behind the curtains! I explain everything in the video, but if someone could not see I summarize below:

– 2 flash with full CTO behind to illuminate the smoke

– A flash in umbrella with 1/2 CTO to the side to illuminate the dancer

The photo you see in the video is obviously not great, but then we have improved the timing up to take a picture at the right moment! At that point, in the post production I took the smoke from other shots and I put into this to obtain the final picture, which I put below and I hope you like it! I wait for comments! (for both the photo and the video!)

See you soon!


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