Hi guys!

Today we do a little art attack 😀 we are going to build a new filter holder for the free Lee filters. Do you remember the 7th video of the italian guide for strobist people? In that video I explained how the filters worked, and in particular I explained to you how to obtain the free Lee Filters. I know it has arrived immediatly to some of you, while other never saw it.. ^_^

Anyway in the video I showed you a not very comfortable way to use hold them, so I have created a new one more practical!

So be prepared for the ART ATTACK!!

First of all you need something made by two transparent papers.. I used a CD holder, but any A4paper holder will work as same!

I removed the superior part

and I cut our filter holder. The dimensions in the photo (7.5 cm x 9.5 cm) are ok for a Canon 430EXII, while for example for a Canon 580EXII 8.5cm x 11.5cm should work (if anyone realizes this for Nikon flashes can write in the comments below the dimensions?)

At this point I put two velcros on the sides

I cut a semicircular hole to facilitate the removal of the filters

And finally here it is the final filter holder! In the next photos you can see how it works on a 430EXII flash

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and I wait for comments!

See you later


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