Hi guys!

Today I propose a quick portrait to do when you’re outdoors, a close-up. The model of an exception for this episode is my beautiful girlfriend 🙂 The setup for a close-up like this is very simple, all you need is a telephoto lens (in my case the 135mm f\2) and two flashes. At this point, you point the camera at the subject and make a reading of the values the camera proposes, in my case at ISO 160 and F\4 proposed 1/20 as shutter time. Therefore I switched to manual and I set ISO 160, F\4 and 1/40 as a shutter time, in order to have a one stop underexposure. Before I read criticals like “but why did you have the ISO to 160 and didn’t you brought to 400 to get a faster shutter speed to avoid blur?”, I reply saying that I know exactly what my limits are and I know that with the 135mm I still keep a time of 1/40 freehand if you use the technique I describe in the video, and thus to lower ISO have higher quality. As for the flash in this shot I decided to use a very big umbrella (diameter 1.15 m I think) and very close, so I have a really soft light. In addition, a backlight behind pulled off a little hair from the background. All with the CTO that give warmth. However, I describe everything in the video … ah yes guys, I shot the video again! I told you I’d do it whenever I had the chance! 😀

The photo in the end came so, what do you think? I wait for comments guys! 🙂


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