Hi guys!

Today I propose a composite I’ve done recently. It is our usual two dancers, Giada and Giorgio, who had done to a photo session (remember the photo of Dancing on the pier). During the session, as well as the photos made ​​for Dancing on the pier, I also made another shot with a different pose (to achieve that you can not imagine the laughter that we made since they could not do it!). The set of lights is the one used previously, or a flash behind naked, one on the right with umbrella and one on the left in softbox, as you can see in the picture below.

And the final photo with the new pose is this

Once they have been cut out from the background, I used a photo made one day in which the sun was shining in the morning in the place San Nicolò in Pietra Ligure, at that time empty (it’s rare!). The photo without corrections is this

It was sufficient to eliminate the distortion and warm up the photo to obtain a already beautiful shot

At this point I put the dancers in the picture (it was fun that at the beginning they occupied almost the entire square, made ​​me laugh!), And as always in these situations, it becomes important to pay attention to the perspective (of course I had to turn them from left to right, then I had to change a little their height that seemed out of phase by a few inches as a prospect), and finally I had to do the hardest part, i.e. re-create the shadow. Unfortunately, the original shadow created by my flash behind them was of little use because the flash was in a position too low compared to the sun in the picture itself, so I had to draw from scratch, layer on layer .. Remember, the shadow is the hardest thing, and you can not expect to make a layer only, but you have to make so many, with different intensities, etc..

Finally I changed the sky, because the original seemed a bit too quiet .. some cloud never hurt! And so I tapped into my catalog of photos of clouds (started thanks to a suggestion of my beloved Stefania), and that is proving very useful!

Here finally the result:

What do you think? I did make see a preview to some people, whether experienced or not, to assess as it came out. Some non-experts do not even realize that it was a composite, so the result is achieved! Two of my photographer friends instead obviously have seen and helped me by giving me two tips on how to enhance it (Thanks Fabio and Davide!). I know that a picture with the characters actually present in the scene is always better, but sometimes this is not possible, and post-production comes in handy!

I wait for your comments! A hug to everyone!


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