Hi guys!

Today I propose a new photo for the realization of which it took a long time .. in fact two months have elapsed between the achievement of the first part and the realization of the second 🙂

As you may have guessed we are talking about composite, or merge of different pictures into one. The composite is one of the hardest things ever to realization in post-production, but every now and then one has to try.. and I tried to do this.

First I took two photos on the pier at dawn in Pietra Ligure, which I then combined in post-production (it was difficult because I had two different vanishing points, so I had to make a lot of tiles almost from scratch..). Here are the two basic photo

and their union

Once together I thought what subject would feel good .. and the thing that came to mind was obviously to put a ballerina, or better, a pair of dancers! In fact, the concept is intended to be a couple of people, both dancers, who arrived at dawn on the dock, begin to dance because the moment is magic and they want to live it to the end .. I called Giada and a male dancer (thanks Giorgio!) and took a photo in studio. In these situations, it is particularly important to simulate natural light, so I placed a bare flash (which gives a harsh light like the sun in the base photo) with a 1/2 CTO behind the dancers and to my left, in such a way that it takes up more or less the same position of the sun itself. I then placed a flash in an umbrella as the main light on the right and a flash in a softbox as fill on the left (the powers involved were 1/4 on the right and 1/8 for the one in the softbox, then with a stop difference). This is the resulting shot:

At this point it came out the difficult part.. i.e. to cut them out and to merge the two photos in a realistic way.. I think I did it, even if the perfection is still far away 🙂 I leave you with the result and I wait for comments!

See you soon!


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