Hello guys!

Yesterday morning I was walking around looking for a beautiful scenery to photograph, indeed, a beautiful landscape to photograph in the future, because the light was bad (it was about 10 in the morning). It is good practice for a photographer, in fact, look for interesting places without exceptional light, and then sign them mentally and come back with the sunrise or sunset (depending on the location of the place) to take pictures as it should. Unfortunately this research is often unsuccessful (as in my case last morning), but do not give up, because sometimes unexpected events happen!

In fact, on my way home (rather dissatisfied), it happens that someone was burning the brushes and the smoke came right down the road I was traveling. This smoke produced some wonderful play of light between the branches of a tree and then I stopped along the way and I began to photograph! The result is a beautiful picture, it will not be award-winning, however, has meant that the morning had not been useless!

I leave you to the photo!

See you soon!


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