Hi guys!

Here we are with a new photo! The subject of this photo is our usual dancer, Giada, who you all know, and that lent itself to take pictures in the cold in the snow. For this shot I decided to use the Brenizer effect, so as to obtain a panoramic photo, but with short depth of field. In the animation you can see the steps that led to the creation of the final image.


This time I wanted to do more for you, and make not one, but two videos!

The first is the classic video of behind the curtains, where I explain what I do on the spot, or with the legs immersed in snow and dancer who was cold! In this case, I took a picture against the light, very overexposed to really get snow white (and more to have “ethereal” aura on the subject). If someone pounces this speech to say “the photo has burned white” is true. There are some areas burned, but I do not mind at all to have detail in those areas.. they are areas of white snow behind the dancer, so they do not give me any trouble. As you will see in the video, to get the picture I only used a reflector (in my case the Lastolite TriFlip 8:1

), no flash this time! 🙂

In the second video, instead, I will explain what is the Brenizer effect, as known as bokehrama. This is achieved by combining images taken with lenses bright and then with a great bokeh, so as to form a sort of panorama, in which, however, the separation between the subject and the background is important. In the video I explain how do you get this effect and what precautions should be taken to make it good.

I leave the final photo and video!

See you next time!


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