Hello guys!

Today I propose a work related to a Fantasy photo that I made recently, taking material here and there from my photos and creating a so-called composite.

It ‘important for a photographer knowing how to take advantage of material from different days, and maybe you thought it would never be used. In particular, in my case, I am referring to a photo I took at the Soncino Fantasy Fest: the photo is a belly dancer who performed during the show (under the scorching sun), and I looked very nice as a subject to be photographed . The problem as always during these events is that the show may be the most beautiful in the world, but a photo will never be so good because you will always see the boundary elements (such as members of the public) that will make you loose al the magic, remaining thus only a memory shot. Here is a photo of which I am talking about:

After having “cut out” the dancer from the background, I decided that given her blue and white dress, a snowy landscape was perfect, so I found a landscape going to look in the photos I had taken the day of the set The dancer in the snow. Here is the shot of the day:

At this point it was only fitting the two photos together and give a nocturnal atmosphere to the whole, thus creating a new picture for my portfolio Fantasy (yes guys, I’m a little fixated on fantasy, but I will return to other kinds!) 🙂 Here are the steps of the post that I made in the animation below:


I hope you enjoyed this! After you can find the final result! See you soon!


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