Hi guys!

As you know I’m not a great landscape photographer, I much prefer the portrait, but sometimes I do dabble in this type of photography!

It often happens when you go out to take pictures of landscape at the right time, with all your setup, in a place that we had pinned as interesting .. but then when you get on the spot or the sun hid behind the clouds, or the light is not what we imagined .. in short, we do the same some picture, but we are not satisfied.

At other times it happens that the good light and good landscape comes in the most unexpected moment. In my case, at the dinner of a wedding, in which, however, I was not the photographer but the witness! Luckily I had the camera with me when a splendid light came on Vicoforte hills (in the province of Cuneo). I did not let the opportunity go away and given the enormous disparities in exposure between heaven and earth I have made ​​two shots in bracketing. For who doesn’t know, bracketing is to perform multiple photos with the same ISO and aperture, changing the exposure time in order to capture details in both shadows and lights. The shots are then merged in Photoshop or via masks or with the HDR technique. In my case I set the 6D in such a way that made 3 shots: one-3EV, one 0EV and the last +3 EV.

You may ask why a difference of 3 stop between shots. Well, the sky was very clear, so I decided that maybe two stops of underexposure would not be enough, and then I went up to 3 stops! Set the camera to ISO 100, f/5.6, the three exposure times were: 1/2000 (-3EV), 1/250 (0EV) and 1/30 (+3 EV) (all freehand). Actually in my case the third step it was no useful, I just wanted 0EV for landscape and -3EV for the sky.

Here are the two shots I’ve made: ​​the -3EV

and the 0EV

At this point I made some mask in Photoshop in order to use the sky of a photo and the landscape of the other, some contrast, saturation, dodge&burn and finally warmed some tones. The result is under, what do you think about it?

See you soon!


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