Hello guys!

When you read a book of photography, or watch an interview with some great photographer, a word is always present: emotion.

The great photos have always given something to the public: they told a story, made them laugh, they made them cry, made them dream, they did us run out of words .. That said, they aroused emotion.

In my small world, I’ve always tried to do it myself, but it is not so easy. First you need to find an idea, and then study it and improve it. To do this, it is very useful to pick up a piece of paper and a pencil, write key words that coming to mind, and create a design idea (do not worry if you cannot draw well, the important thing is to have an outline of how you want to be the picture .. I am completely denied in the drawing :)). At this point, forget the paper in a drawer for a few days and then take it back. The things that can happen are two: the desire to take this photograph excites you and makes you say “I want to shoot it as soon as possible!” Or you do not understand what you wanted to be more comfortable and stay with a question mark in face. This does not mean that the idea is to burn, but that should be improved and should be reconsidered. You will see that after appropriate improvements the photo that you had will come back to life!

At this point, if the sketch inspires you so much and you know perfectly well what is the emotion that you want to represent, it’s time to think about the actual construction! And here you have to start thinking about the technical side (if you have noticed until now it has been necessary only your brain, a pencil and a sheet .. never talked about flash). The photo will be low key or high key or with neutral tones? The colors are bright or just mentioned? We want to exaggerate with a black and white? We need to flash or not? And if so, where we put them and how to manage them? In short, many questions concerning the shot that must have a precise answer even before you pull out the camera from the bag.

Remember, a picture well thought and well organized is easy to do. It ‘s very difficult to improvise instead 🙂 Then, as always, anything can happen in life, and the photo that you had planned so carefully perhaps is not as you thought, while a shot made by chance excited you! Call it serendipity.

In these two photos that I publish today I want to represent the Love emotion. I’m talking about Love with a capital L that exceeds all boundaries and makes us dream. Which (citing Michael Jackson) “it does not matter if you’re white or you’re black.”

Hence the title of the miniseries of two photos: Love has no colors.

Personally, I’m excited once finished, and even the subjects themselves were excited. And that gentlemen, means a lot 🙂

See you next time!


P.S. As always we have made a behind the curtains video where I explain the lighting scheme! 😉

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