Hi guys!

Today I propose a picture that I made a little time ago and that I think may be useful to see something new.

The photo is part of a photo set that I made for a music group named Nudamoro (I know it is a very special name, especially as it is the music that make). The two protagonists have chosen as the location for the photo a small palace decorated in a truly fine way, with mixing of modern and ancient art really chosen with taste.

After some classic photos of the two components I needed a first photo “crazy” to represent the extravagance of the duo. Having seen that in one of the rooms there was a sword, we decided to take a picture in which there was it too, and so I needed a light that would enhance it. When you need to bring out fine details, one of the best methods is to use a hard light, so a bare flash, which casts a shadow sharp and well defined. I am the first who always tries to use umbrellas and softbox, but sometimes a hard light can be successful!

Here the scheme of the picture:


I then made ​​to sit the first of two on the ground in front of a table and I used a softbox to light him, to give me a soft light, but at the same time controlled (ie not go everywhere like that of an umbrella) . To illuminate the latter subject I used a bare flash, which perfectly outlines his shadow and the shadow of the sword, and which has produced a nice effect by projecting the shadow of the dry plant on the table. This plant fact, apart from acting as “horns” to the first (which amused him much), has produced a shadow on the wall at the top right with the shape of tentacles as they advance to attack the swordsman! Spectacular according to me 😀 To photograph everything I used the 650D with the 10-22, set at 10mm, because of extreme distortion!

Here is the final photo!

See you soon guys!


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