Hello guys!

Today I announce great news, I am particularly happy of the collaboration with the Association NonSentoMaLeggo!

In Italy there are thousands of deaf people, which obviously can not get much video content on the web. And of course we can include in this material all my videos. It ‘s true that youtube allows you to add captions automatically based on the audio of the movie, however, they are imprecise and do not allow to understand it properly.

A few months ago a guy contacted me pointing out the problem. However writing the subtitles of a movie for me would have been far too heavy and would go too long. Therefore, the problem persisted, and I felt really sorry for the boy in question since he could not take advantage of my material.

But last week, the turn! There comes a comment on youtube of a girl who tells me about the NonSentoMaLeggo the association, which is a community of people ready to transcribe the audio of the movie in order to make it possible for deaf people to be able to take advantage of the material. I get in touch with them and they tell me they would be ready to do it immediately.

And now here’s the first result: the first movie of the Italian Guide for Lampisti has subtitles. And they are well made, perfectly synchronized. And slowly over time, even all the other movies will have them!

I thank very much NonSentoMaLeggo and I hope that now even those who do not have the ability to hear can finally play and have fun with the strobes!

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