Hi guys!

Today I propose the photos I had to do for two tango dancers. The photos were taken in a study (a study prepared quickly, but effective) and offer the same style of lighting: two softbox behind and a light in front of  which can be softened with a umbrella, or be hard on a bare flash, or finally be completely absent.

The purpose of this short tutorial is to show you that sometimes we should not be damned to always find different lighting styles for different photos, just change just one element while keeping the others constant (in my case the front light changed and the two behind remained the same). This allowed me to quickly get different results with each other with little effort 🙂

I leave you with three photos that I produced and the video of behind the curtains!

Whichever way you choose .. take it in steps of Tango .. (www.tangoliguria.com)


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