Hi guys!

Before the ugly incident that happened as explained in my previous post, I had made a very worthwhile purchase, which after trying it I really recommend it to everyone: the purchase of a calibration probe for monitor.

You would think .. “but Stefano, you did work so much on the photos and you did not have a calibrated monitor?” .. unfortunately yes .. I always thinking “I will buy it sooner or later, sooner or later”, but in the end I always postponed the purchase, and this has led to produce results not exactly exciting.

For those who do not know, in fact, every monitor shows colors a bit as it wants, depending on the color profile that is loaded, and often this leads to making mistakes very coarse in post-production, such as saturate too much, or too little, thinking that some areas are completely black, when in fact they are not .. in general make mistakes regarding the color.

To solve these problems there are several probes to monitor the market, and I after reading on the web a lot of reviews and user comments, I finally decided to take the X-Rite ColorMunki Display

. That is the ColorMunki, or the direct competitor Datacolor ColorVison Spyder4 Pro
, I assure you that it will change your life.

The calibration works this way:

  • first thing in the sensor measures the ambient light (and therefore how much light you have in the room)
  • at this point the probe should be resting on the screen and a process of about 5 minutes starts, in this process all the colors appear on the screen and the probe records them
  • finally the program supplied makes its counts and returns a calibrated profile for your display with the lighting in the room, and you’re done!

At this point, the problem that arises is that your profile is valid only for the lighting conditions of the room, so if for example you have measured out and it was cloudy and then the sun comes out, illuminating the room, the profile is no longer valid. But luckily the probe comes in handy, and if we leave it attached to the PC, you can enable the option to perform a measurement of the ambient light every 5 minutes and therefore update the profile. Convenient no?!

For every day use of the computer, you can select one of the profiles with which come with the computer, which are very saturated and then look nice, but when you have to deal with photographs, it becomes really important to use a probe in my opinion. I admit of having discovered too late, but now I could not live without it, and if you count that in the end it does not cost an exaggeration (about 140 Euros), it really is a purchase that should be considered if you love your photographs. It makes little sense to spend thousands of Euros in photographic equipment and then produce pictures that seem perfect to us, but when seen on other screens are very different, or worse still have large errors in printing!

Below I propose a picture of my recently ones, that one of tango, that seeing it before with the monitor uncalibrated i considered beautiful .. but today I see obvious errors in the upper part (first everything seemed black with THE standard profile of the screen), and I then proceeded to fix it properly. If you do not notice abysmal differences between the two pictures, well your monitor has to be calibrated 🙂

See you soon!


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