Hello guys!

Today I’ll explain to you how I made my last shot, i.e. a photo noir! For this kind of images you have to create a little atmosphere at night .. and what better way but to use our gels to color the lights? In my case I wanted to make a picture of a killer who is approaching his victim (I am not very credible as a killer .. I know, but I had no other male models 🙂 ), and the victim sees him in the mirror of the car. But let’s get to the backstage! To make this picture I used 3 flash triggered via radio trigger and in particular I have arranged them as shown:

But even better than the backstage photos, I made ​​a video of behind the curtains! : D here it is!

P.S. sorry for the sound quality, but the application that I use to record has decided to give me an empty file .. and sorry if I said it all very fast but it was so cold that you can’t even imagine!

And finally here is the result of so much hard work! I wait for comments!

See you next time guys!


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