Hi guys!

Finally I’m back! It has been a very busy period, but in July I’ll restart to publish!

Today’s blog is not about speedlights (they will come back surely!), but it is a blog of the Ballerina Project focused on the use of the reflector. Often in fact if we have an assistant, a reflector can do the difference between a good shot and a not good one. in this case the photo is very simple, Canon 5dII in Av mode, 135mm f\2 at f\2. Without reflector the subject (our famouse Giada) couldn’t have the face lightened, but I had the Lastolite TriFlip, a great instrument. This reflector is great, in fact in addition to working as a 2 stops diffuser, with the right covers of various colors, from gold to silver, from white to white and silver, from gold and silver to black.. so it can have a lot of uses, in fact putting it in black will make it work as a Gobo.

In our case I gave the TriFlip with gold cover to my assistant Chiara (she’s always been my model a lot of times!). Why did I choose gold? Because I wanted to give a little of warmth to Giada’s skin, a lot of warmth! Everyone has his tastes, some people will think it’s too much, but I like it a lot! And voilà the shot is given, as you can see in the backstage photo, without the reflector Giada’s face is in shadow, with the reflector it’s great! (A little note, for whom will say to me that the hair is burned, i.e. completely white, while shooting I saw this but I liked it in order to give contrast.. I like it, everyone makes his choices, I could have softened the light with every diffuser back).

After this short blog I leave you to the photo and I anticipate  to you that more will arrive! So stay tuned that I’ll publish soon!

Again thanks to Giada and Chiara.

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